Travel Tips

Protect against bed bugs when traveling, the number of bed bug cases are on the rise. Here are some tips that will help you stay bed bug free when traveling:

*Before you leave your house, encase your mattress with a protective cover.  This will ensure that while you are away, bed bugs will not make their way into your bed.

*When you arrive at your hotel room, do a brief inspection of the room. Carefully look all around the mattress, bed frame, windows, and drawers. If you have any suspicious of activity, contact a manger immediately. Be safe rather then sorry.

*Keep your clothes in your suitcase and keep the suitcase closed as much as possible.

*Upon returning home, make sure you put the laundry in the dryer first for 20 min then wash your laundry immediately in hot water. (Just in case you picked up one or two).

*Do not put you suite cases on the floor, put them off floor or in the bathtub.